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From Carol to You

Sometimes the best solutions to difficult problems are easy, but just hard to believe. The advancing technologies of our digital Age, while great and entertaining (I love my iPhone!), are having side effects, which, as a society, we must address. The isolating tendencies of video games, television, computers, etc. can leave us disconnected to our immediate environment.


Life drawing creates a synergy, encouraging a sense of responsibility to our fellow man and our world. It awakens our sense of life. In drawing from life, one is forced to completely humble himself to Nature; to study what is before him and not impose any dogmas or preferences (there is no remote!). The caliber of this servility is becoming overlooked in our culture and we must work to revive it. The great thing is that it's easy to do! One must simply be aware of this connection and draw from life.


Don't fear any lack of ability to draw; it comes. Don't worry if your work is well received; it's for you. Just have fun and study whatever is in front of you. You will slowly feel it's warming effect on your spirit and I guarantee it will bring happiness and connect you to this wonderful world of ours. A faith in this creative process, and faith in your ability to achieve it, can change your life. It is with this passionate belief that I wish you... Happy Drawing!


Love, Carol

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