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Your Portrait Commission

Portraits are great at any age, and can commemorate every stage of life, from newborn babies to their great-grandparents. Contact us for a consultation, or download my commissions guide (best viewed on the desktop) to keep as a reference. 


You are welcome to make a studio appointment to see my work in person, and discuss color, paper, and size options. Then we'll do a photo shoot with the subject, choosing 3 or 4 photos I can draw from, considering lighting and expression. You then choose your favorite, and I'll work from that photo.  


At times there will be a waiting list, so if you want it for a particular occasion, please contact us as early as you can.

Options include, but are not limited to:

1.   Headshot, monochromatic pastel or charcoal drawing on toned paper. 
2.   Headshot only, color pastel painting on toned paper.
3.   Head, torso, arms, or full figure color pastel painting on toned paper.
4.   Head and torso or full figure oil on canvas.
5.   Official, life-size oil on canvas of Judges, Mayors & Executives.
6.   Pet Portrait (with or without their favorite person)

Most of the work on this site is pastel or oil painting. I do not do large family portraits, but can do each member separately.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and request a price list!

Thanks for submitting!

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