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About the Blue Easel Club

The Blue Easel Club, founded in 2009 by Carol Peebles, roots philosophically that in order to develop as an artist, one cannot just study technique, one must live the life of an artist. Our year-round workshops and weekly classes are frequented with music, inspirational readings, guest speakers, lunch or dinner and more, designed to get you in touch with the ARTIST in you.


Classes are held at Carol's private studio, located in the Historic Uptown District of New Orleans, LA. Instruction is based in the time tested approach of the Masters: observational drawing of Nature in the Classical Realist Tradition. 


Along with the traditional Atelier studies of figure and portrait, the Blue Easel Club has broadened the scope of life drawing to include professional ballerinas, musicians, burlesque dancers, boxers, and much more. 


All levels are welcome, beginners work alongside professionals, lessons adapting to each member’s needs. See our classes, past workshop albums, videos, guest speakers, exhibitions and more at


Come visit The Crescent City, and draw with us!

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