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Happy Chocolate City Print

Happy Chocolate City is a whimsical satire of New Orleans referencing inspirational quotes from the film "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," the song from that movie, "The Candy Man," New Orleans politicians & more!


Can you find New Orleans' "5 golden tickets" on the map? 

"Slugworth" is Bourbon Street.
The "Chocolate River" is the Mississippi.
"Fizzy Lifting drinks" are in the Columns Bar.
The "Golden Geese" are in Audubon Park.
"Wonka Vision" is the Prytania Theater.
The "Wonka Factory" is the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.
The "Everlasting Gobstopper" is The Blue Easel Club.  
The "Wonkatania" is the Natchez.
The Twin Spans are a candy-cane cigar. The entire map is a smiley face with Washington Avenue as the nose. 


Every sweet shop, ice cream store and sno-ball stand circa 2015 is marked. We hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it. My girls and I ate candy the entire time!


Paper, mounted & giclee prints are available for purchase starting at $95 for an 11"x 17" fine art print on German etching paper, but many other options are available.

Popular sizes on paper: 
20"x 30" $250
30"x 40" $280
40"x 53" $335

Giclee prints on canvas with gallery wrap frame:
20"x 30" $330

30"x 40" $550

40"x 53" $750

Please let us know what image and size you're interested in, or if you would like a different size, and we will forward you the price options for that size.

Thanks for submitting!

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